12 April 2017 Emder Zeitung in Germany, Borkumer Kleinbahn und Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft are putting their first full electric citybus, delivered by EBUSCO, into service. (German)
6 March 2016 Telegraaf, Willem-Alexander and Máxima having a ride in the electric citybus made by EBUSCO from Helmond the Netherlands. (Dutch)
28 Feb 2016 Royal Central, The city of Paris is investing in a sustainable method of urban transport – electric buses. Paris has purchased electric buses from the Dutch company EBUSCO. The King and Queen will be given a ride on one of these buses while learning of some of the sustainable transport efforts being made on the city’s behalf. (English)
31 oct
Salzburg Aktuell, Albus (Austria) test with the all new Ebusco High-Voltage 100% electric bus in Salzburg on the Gaisbergspitze with a slope of 18%. (German)
09 jun
Le Monde, RATP (Paris) signs contract with Ebusco in Milan. (French)
14 dec
Omnibus Spiegel with a description of the Ebusco 2.0 bus. (German)
13 oct 2014 Publications about the test of the Ebusco 2.0 with the Stadtwerke Bonn in Germany (German)
08 apr 2014 EBUSCO will deliver 2 full Electric buses to the oil hart of Europe, Stavanger. (Dutch)
23 jan 2014 Testing electric buses in Finland’s cold climate | Alaska Dispatch. (English)
12 dec 2013 Online publication about the EBUSCO Electric Bus into service on Espoo Finland internal route 11. (English)
15 okt 2013 Local newspaper with a piece about the founders of EBUSCO. (Dutch)
21 jun 2013 Local newspaper with a piece about the sale of the Ebusco YTP-1 bus to Veolia Finland (Dutch)
15 nov 2012 Omnibus Spiegel with a description of the Ebusco YTP1 bus. (German)
01 nov 2012 Dirk Jan van Swaay (Managing Director Energy Transition and Public Private Partnerships ING Netherlands) presented ING’s vision for the future of zero-emission transport to a room of public transport experts. (English)
5 okt 2012 Zero-e about their visit to Ebusco at the IAA 2012 in Hannover Germany. (Dutch)
19 sep 2012 Daimler chef gives his vision about the bus and truck industry. (Dutch and Swedish)