EBUSCO® Electric citybus 2.1

A logical evolution of the EBUSCO® 1.0 and 2.0 and after years of testing on multiple bus lines, EBUSCO® has developed the High-Voltage EBUSCO® 2.1. The EBUSCO® 2.1 has an excellent ratio between Battery- and transport capacity, also due to the aluminum light-weight construction. The EBUSCO® 2.1 is therefore able to run at least 300 kilometers with 95 passengers on board.

The EBUSCO® 2.1 has a standard 311 kWh battery pack, but any desirable configuration is possible. This results in a very reliable operation, also in mountainous areas. The batteries and electric drive line are fully integrated in the design of the bus. EBUSCO® buses have already undergone extensive SORT tests, starting in 2012.

Bus operators like Transdev, Boreal, BSAG Bremen, Arriva, Stadtwerke Munchen, Kolumbus and Borkumer Kleinbahn have recognized the importance of electric transport and have purchased this exceptional city bus. To further support bus operators in their transition to the electric bus transport EBUSCO® guarantees operational reliability.

A special EBUSCO® Battery Warranty® takes away all care from the bus operator concerning the battery packs. The EBUSCO Battery Warranty® takes care of the maintenance and replaces the batteries at the end of their life cycle. In addition, EBUSCO® organizes training , allowing bus operator personnel to carry out easy maintenance.

De EBUSCO® 2.1 is the real thing, a new standard in emission free human transport!

EBUSCO® suppliers

ZF Front and rear axles
ALCOA Wheels
KNORR-BREMSE Disc brakes
EBUSCO® Battery pack, Motor (Controller), BMS, VMS, Onboard Charger
ALUSUISSE Aluminium body
HELLA Lighting
MOBITEC LED displays
ACTIA Instruments
GERFLOR Flooring
FAINSA Passenger seating
ISRI Driver’s seat
SVENSSON Upholstery
HAPPICH Stop buttons


Every other year during Busworld the ECW Awards are presented. In both 2013 and 2015 EBUSCO® has won the ECW Ecology award. Quite an achievement, considering that Busworld is one of the most highly regarded exhibitions in the field of public transport in the world. Where every bus builder wants to be in the spotlight.