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Product portfolio of EBUSCO® for components and subsystems for 100% electric buses.

Apart from complete 100% electric buses which have a full European type approval, EBUSCO® can supply all key components and key systems to build a 100% electric bus or convert present diesel buses to full electric buses. In this respect EBUSCO® can supply electric components, sub systems and auxiliaries for buses and any other type of electric vehicle, like electric motors, motor controllers, battery packages, auxiliaries and on board-, single- and multiple chargers up to charge stations for 32 buses. These components have proven to be reliable and efficient in hundreds of buses during normal daily operation travelling approx. 325 km per day for more than two years.

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Drive motor

Motor Controller

High Voltage Control Cabinet

Integrated Electric Pneumatic Pump

Integrated Hydraulic Booster Pump

Battery Management System

Battery Pack

Electric Air Conditioner / Heater

Onboard Charger

In detail

Battery Pack


The Opbrid Busbaar V3 is our latest automatic electric charging station for heavy duty buses. This entirely new design shifts all the weight and cost from the vehicle to the charging station and can be used for both fast daytime charging en route, and for automatic night charging at the depot for maximum fleet flexibility. The new V3 Busbaar fits easily on most heavy vehicles so cities can leverage their investment in bus chargers by also using them to charge electric rubbish collection and delivery vehicles.


EBUSCO® has teamed up with a number of renowned manufacturers to develop electric buses and convert existing vehicles to full electric vehicles. Within these projects the entire electric driveline was developed by EBUSCO®. Resulting in very reliable 100% electric Zero Emission vehicles that meet European and local objectives.