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Busworld 2019

Are you ready to see a real game changer? We are ready to proudly present our Ebusco 3.0 prototype to you at Busworld 2019. The Ebusco 3.0 is a true example of innovation: it has been designed by a multifunctional team of key experts who have earned their spurs in the field of aerospace, automotive

New video EBUSCO – People not buses

Zero emission is not a dream it’s a choice. With our 100% electric & zero emission bus and your support we can work towards a better future together. For us at EBUSCO it is about People, not buses. Choosing our buses means choosing advantages. No Pollution No Noise No Compromises 300km range 90 PAX No

Two new busses for Munich, Germany

MVG Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft in Munich , Germany just recived two brand new 100% electric zero emission EBUSCO 2.1 busses. With these two new busses the EBUSCO fleet keeps on growing steadily. 100% electric Zero Emission busses for a clean and better environment.

10 new electric busses for Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Yesterday U-OV and  Qbuzz Utrecht presented a part of their full electric zero emission EBUSCO bus fleet. As of 05-09-17 Qbuzz is the first operator in Europe whom one one replaced a complete diesel bus line with electric busses. 10 diesel busses where retired for 10 brand new 100% electric Zero Emission EBUSCO 2.1 busses. Due to

New 100% electric bus for BSAG Bremen, Germany

New 100% Electric Zero Emission delivered to BSAG Bremen. The EBUSCO 2.1 bus is capable of driving 300km on a single charge. With the EBUSCO 100% electric zero emission bus it is possible to one on one replace a complete line of diesel busses by electric busses, no extra busses needed due to the 300km

Three new busses delivered in Norway.

Norwegian bus operator Norgesbuss located in the city Stavanger added 3 new full electric zero emission EBUSCO busses to their fleet. Two years ago the PTA Kolumbus first started using EBUSCO busses and the busses have been riding trough the streets of Stavanger ever since. As of today 3 more EBUSCO busses are deployed in the battle to strive for