10 new electric busses for Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Yesterday U-OV and  Qbuzz Utrecht presented a part of their full electric zero emission EBUSCO bus fleet. As of 05-09-17 Qbuzz is the first operator in Europe whom one one replaced a complete diesel bus line with electric busses. 10 diesel busses where retired for 10 brand new 100% electric Zero Emission EBUSCO 2.1 busses.

Due to our revolutionary battery technology our busses are capable of driving over 300km on a single overnight charge. Not only can the busses drive over 300km, at the same time the bus has a capacity of 90 passengers without losing any range. 

The replacement of the 10 diesel busses by the full electric EBUSCO 2.1 busses will greatly help to improve the air quality in Utrecht. On a yearly basis the 10 full electric busses will reduce CO-2 emission with 900.000 kilograms. The energy that the EBUSCO 2.1 busses use are 100% obtained by using green wind energy.

With the EBUSCO technology replacing diesel busses with electric does not have to be hard. No extra electric busses or complex infrastructural changes needed to compensate for the shorter range of electric busses. With the EBUSCO 2.1 it is simple, one on one replacement and overnight charging.

For more information contact EBSUCO or visit our LinkedIn page.

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